6 April 2016

Canberra Reserve Forces Day Saturday 25th June 2016.

Last year was the first year that we participated in this event, even though there were only a small number of us along with some of the squadron’s Canberra based members, it was a most enjoyable afternoon.

The Wreath laying service will be at St John's Anglican Church Canberra corner Constitution Avenue and Anzac Park West, Reid. We’ll meet at about 1330 hrs and at about 1345 hrs will form up for a very short march up the approach road (off Constitution Avenue) before entering the church for the wreath laying ceremony. 

To date the VIPs attending are – Chief of Navy, Chief of Army (represented by MAJGEN Iain Spence) and Chief of Air Force.

After the service afternoon tea will be available in the church hall.  It is also planned that members of the association and squadron will gather after this at the Ainslie Bar (formally Olims Hotel) Corner of Ainslie and Limestone Avenue.

The committee would like to see as many members as possible support this event along with the current serving Canberra based squadron members.

This is also a great way to meet our own VIP Maj Andy Scanlan OC 3 Tpt Sqn


17 January 2016

This years parade is on Sunday 3 July 2016

As usual all transport is free if in uniform, have medals and/or beret on.

Click, HERE and it will take you to the RFDC Flyer details.

Note that all units meet in Hyde Park South Details to follow

For Serving Members Defence has approved the wearing of uniform on this day.

If not wearing uniform see the flyer or wear smart casual if coming to the club with us after the parade.


21 November 2013




Dear All

The RFD 2014 National and NSW Launch was  held on Saturday 2 Nov 13 in the Auditorium
of the Paddington RSL.

Congratulations to 
all  those who paraded and the
Reserve Forces Band  who made the day
very professional. We received many favourable comments and compliments and
special thanks to the interstate conference members who readily accepted the
requests to carry a Standard.

The aim of the Launch was to set the scene for Reserve
Forces Day parades   being part of the
Anzac Centenary.

A quote from the former CDF:

“The Anzac Centenary will be one of the most significant
commemorations to take place in our lifetimes.”

Chair of the Anzac Centenary Advisory Board, Air Chief
Marshal Angus Houston, AC, AFC (Ret’d)

The 2014 launch used a number of visual and educational
methods . The flags of the three services were marched in together with 10 ANFs
to commemorate the 10 decades since WWI. They were followed by the Formation
Standards including the 4th Brigade Standard from Victoria. The Arms and
Services Standards were then marched in and placed on display in Corps/unit
seniority. For the first time the Standards of the three services and the Army
Standards were displayed together. Also on display with the Armoured Standards
was the Standard of 4/19 PWLH from Melbourne carried by the Assn President.

The narrator explained the significance of the Standards and
the link to the units they represent. For example the 2nd Division Standard and
its achievements in WW1. The Standards carrying the traditions of the 4th and
12th LH Regts who served in the charge at Beersheba, the 1st Bn being the City of
Sydney’s Own Regiment the 17 Bn and the fact that the officer on the brochure
(mentioned later) who served in the 17 Bn was later killed serving with the
18th Bn. The importance of the Services to the Arms was acknowledged through
the service of 3 Transport Coy a unit which deployed in the first convoy to
Europe etc.

The speakers delivered short briefs on the role of the Navy
Army and Australian Flying Corps in WWI and General Peter Cosgrove AC MC
outlined the ANZAC Commemoration plans for NSW. The Hon Bronwyn Bishop MP spoke

of the importance of RFD and read the PM’s Message of Support. The GG's message
is excellent and is published on our web site. Major General Paul Brereton AM
RFD then spoke and Launched RFD 2014.

On the web site under 2014 http://www.rfd.org.au/site/2014.asp
you can view the DVD of photos and Channel Ten’s news coverage and the messages
of support.


Two aims:

1.            2014:  to acknowledge the Centenary of the
commencement of WWI and an amazingly rapid reserve mobilization and departure
for the War and the force taking part in Australia’s first battles of WWI.

2.            Associations:  to assist and encourage Associations to use
2014 as a “Recruiting Drive”


To quote from the Commander-in-Chief’s Message of Support:

“This year we especially remember Reservist sailors and
soldiers who so readily enlisted at the outbreak of World War 1, including
those who first served in the War in the Australian Naval and Military
Expeditionary Force in German New Guinea.” (GNG)

Rapid Mobilisation

On Thursday 6 August 1914 the Sydney Morning Herald
published “WAR DECLARED” and on the 8th of August Naval and Army Reservists
(called Militia at the time) were mobilised, kitted out and with initial
training completed and left for the Australia’s’ first campaign on Wednesday
19th August. A remarkable effort being led by a militia commander, Colonel
William Holmes DSO VD, with Boer War experience as many of them had. The Naval
ground forces were from South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and
Queensland and because of the urgency the main army force was from NSW and with
some members from QLD. A total of 2000 ground troops plus a strong naval force
of 11 ships including Submarines HMAS AE1 (lost) and AE2.

German New Guinea

The reason this special force was named the AUSTRALIAN NAVAL
& MILITARY EXPEDITIONARY FORCE (AN&MEF) was due to its formation and
mission to capture the German Territories in German New Guinea and other
islands and destroy or capture their powerful radio transmitters that reported
the movement of Naval shipping to their Naval force in the area and to Germany.
The German acting Governor Herr Haber witnessed by the German Military
Commandant Von Klewitz finally capitulated on 17 September 1914. This was the
first and perhaps only time we captured and took over  a territory on Australia’s behalf and
dictated the terms of
"surrender"  for the
military and terms for the civilian male population of European origin to take
an oath of neutrality. Please see the special brochure produced for the
Launch  and for more details of the force
and photos at http://www.rfd.org.au/documents/RFD_WarDeclared1914.pdf.

Our parades and marketing will acknowledge the AN&MEF.

Prior to the Launch, the advertisements placed in the SMH
and Daily Telegraph resulted in 10 descendants of sailors and soldiers being
located with some of these descendants attending the Launch including a son of
one of the soldiers, a BW veteran. Another descendant is the son of a RN/RAN
sailor who served on HMAS Australia and went ashore in GNG as a medic.

A special descendant’s medallion will be struck and
presented prior to the parades with the descendants invited to attend.


This is an opportunity for Associations with the history of
this year “the centenary of the greatest recruitment of the reservists and
members of the public to the join the forces”. An example of this enthusiasm to
quote from an entry of the BW site:


“On 28 August 1914, Bessell-Browne (a BW Veteran) was
appointed to the AIF with the rank of major and given command of the 8th Field
Artillery Battery. Calling for volunteers from his battery, the whole parade
stepped forward. Bessell-Browne and his battery departed Fremantle on 2
November and arrived in Egypt on 12 December”.


        Commemorative Certificates will be produced with heraldry of the era and
offered to all who take part in the parades and celebrations. In the past
certificates from the parade have been popular with many members framing them.
The plan is to issue one each year of the centenary with the certificates
noting the major events of that year. For example on 2014 the success of the
ANMEF and the mobilization of the AIF and in 2015 the centenary of Gallipoli
etc. See an example attached – this was a certificate used when someone donated
$1000 or more for the Boer War Memorial.

         Our media
items in the Senior’s paper etc and the TV and radio Community Service
Announcements will mention the special certificates which will be only
available to members of Associations. Please ensure your Associations contact
details are correct on our web page.

members – a more active plan will be developed to invite and encourage serving
members to attend and as we have done in the past give them pride of place
marching at the head their Association as many did this year. If they become
Association members they will be eligible for the certificates.


2011 RFD Parade



Geof and Joan ... Sorry Joan and Geof

2010 RFD  Parade






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