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         3 Transport Squadron is the Transport Company for 5th Combat Service Support Battalion

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Jeff Gissing, 2016 Soldier of the Year




3 Tpt Sqn ACT Troop members with Association members and Gai Brodtmann MP Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence.

Canberra June 2015













Unit Update

The 3rd Transport Squadron (3 Tpt Sqn) is an Army Reserve transport squadron that is the sub-unit of the 5th Combat Service Support Battalion (5 CSSB) that provides second-line transport support to the units of the 5th Brigade. It consists of a Squadron Headquarters (SHQ) and two medium Transport Troops (Tpt Tp), each comprised of three Transport Sections (Tpt Sect). It has an established strength of 76 (5 Officers + 71 Other Ranks) and as of 2014, has an actual manning of 74 (4 Officers + 70 Other Ranks, including 5 ARA soldiers). SHQ and one Tpt Tp is located with HQ 5 CSSB at the Banksmeadow Depot in Sydney while the other Tpt Tp is located at HMAS Harman in Canberra.



The Sqn operates the Mercedes Benz Unimog medium trucks and is capable of conducting troop and stores lifts. Additionally, it has limited specialist capabilities, including heavy lift, using Mack heavy trucks and 20 tonne plant trailers, operation of Defence ambulances, and the provision and operation of kerbside refuelling points (KRPs). It conducts numerous courses throughout the year to qualify its own soldiers and those of the Bde in the range of GS vehicles operated by the unit and Bde.



In 2015, the Banksmeadow based elements of the Sqn will be relocated to new purpose built facilities at Holsworthy as part of the 5 Bde redeployment. In the near future, the Sqn will be transitioning to a new Plan Beersheba structure and establishment with three Transport Troops (one medium, one heavy and one specialised which will include bulk liquids). (This move has been completed).




2014 marks the centenary of the formation of the Sqn’s antecedent unit, 3 Company Australian Army Service Corps (3 Coy AASC) as part of the 1st AIF. This subsequently became 3 Company Royal Australian Army Service Corps (3 Coy RAASC) and 3 Transport Squadron Royal Australian Corps of Transport (3 Tpt Sqn RACT) upon the formation of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport in 1973. The Sqn will be conducting several celebrations in 2014 to commemorate this milestone as one of the oldest RACT sub-units still on the Australian Army ORBAT.



Anzac Day March, Sydney 2014.












3 Transport Squadron Mounting the Princess Royal Banner
Sydney Anzac Day march.


The Princess Royal Banner  Party:


·         Princess Royal Banner Ensign - LT Kirstin Hannan.

·         Princess Royal Banner Senior Escort – SGT Leslie Brooks

·         Princess Royal Banner Junior Escort – SGT Christopher Spinks



Parade Commander Maj Errol. J. Christian OC 3 TPT SQN


21C - CAPT Haskins

OIC 1 Division - LT Mir Hazar

OIC 2 Division - LT Desaraju



The Officer Commanding, 


Major Andy Scanlan



I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Association and provide insight into the Squadron’s activities for 2016. I would also like to thank, Mr Gary Smith for this opportunity to address the Association and to Major Errol Christian for the successful handover of the Squadron.




Upon commissioning from the Officer Cadet Training Unit, 1st Training Group in 1992, I was allocated into the Royal Australian Corps of Transport and posted to the 2nd Transport Squadron, then located at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane. As the youngest officer in the Corps for the next 18 months (Commissioned at 19),  I served as Troop Commander for Charlie and Bravo Troops (92), Alpha (93) and Headquarter Troops (94-95). I attended Reserve Command and Staff  College in 1996 and then held Recruit and Driver Training Instructor positions at the 1st Regional Training Unit, 1st Training Group in 1997-98.


I was promoted to Captain in 1999 and posted to the Joint Movement Control Office – Brisbane as Second in Command/Operations Officer. It was during this appointment that I transferred to the Australian Regular Army and fulfilled a number of movement officer and Officer Commanding JMCO(s)/JMCC appointments. I deployed to Timor Leste as a part of MOVCON III and later as Second in Command of the Force Logistic Squadron II for OPERATION TANAGER in 2001.


In 2002, I was posted to the 10th Force Support Battalion as Second in Command for the 30th Terminal Squadron, before assuming command of the 42nd Amphibious Troop within the 35th Water Transport Squadron in November of that year.


2004 saw me posted as the Centre of Army Lessons Liaison Officer to the Combat Training Centre before being promoted to Major in 2005 and assuming the appointment of Staff Officer Grade Two Logistics Operations, at the then Land Headquarters Operations Branch.


I assumed command of the Ship’s Army Detachment upon HMAS TOBRUK in November 2006 and deployed to the Middle East Area of Operations in support of OPERATION(s) SLIPPER and CATALYST.  In late 2007 I deployed again in support of OPERATION RESOLUTE.


In 2009 I was posted to the Staff Officer Grade Two at the Commander Amphibious Task Group Headquarters (Fleet HQ) and subsequently attended the Capability and Technology Management Course (CTMC) at the Australian Defence Force Academy in 2011.


Upon Completion of CTMC I was posted as the Staff Officer Grade Two-Watercraft at the Joint Amphibious Capability Implementation Team – (AHQ) over the period 2012-13 before electing to transfer back to the Active Army Reserve in 2014. Post transfer I am employed by Calytrix Technologies as a contracted Logistic Planner for Headquarter Joint Operations Command – Directorate of Joint and Combined Exercises.


Prior to assuming my appointment as Officer Commanding the 3rd Transport Squadron I served as the Staff Officer Grade Two Post in 2014 and as the Staff Officer Foundation Promotion Advisory Committee/Career Advisor for Active Army Reverse Officers (LT – MAJ) in the Corps of Military Police at the Directorate of Reserve Officer Career Management – Army.


At 43 years young I have recently qualified for the second rosette for my Defence long service medal was extremely excited about returning to my roots and assuming command of the 3rd Transport Squadron.


I am married to Kelly and have three children; Isabella (12), Alexander (8) and Mikayla (7) and we are just completing our acreage home in Yass and are looking forward to enjoying the rural lifestyle.




Major Errol Christian


On behalf of all members we would like to congratulate Errol Christian on his appointment in January 2013 as OC (3 Tpt Sqn) Tpt Coy 5 CSSB. Errol is also a member of the Association and it has been great to see his presence at the ANZAC Day marches. On behalf of all members we wish you the very best in your appointment and look forward in furthering our association with the Unit.





Major Errol Christian, RACT


Major Christian was born in July 1977 at St Leonards, New
South Wales. He completed his secondary education at St Ignatius’ College,
Riverview in 1994. He subsequently attended the University of New South Wales
where he graduated with a Bachelor of Aviation (Operations Management) degree
in 1998. In 1996, he was appointed into the Army Reserve as an Officer Cadet in
the University of New South Wales Regiment.

In February 1999, he was commissioned into the Royal
Australian Corps of Transport and posted as a Troop Commander to the 3rd
Transport Squadron, 5th Brigade Administrative Support Battalion. Major
Christian served in this Battalion till 2001 as a Troop Commander then as
Assistant Adjutant from November 2000 to December 2001 on periods of both
Continuous and Full-Time Service. In 2002, he was posted to Headquarters
Special Operations as the Staff Officer Grade Three (Personnel / Logistics),
also on Full-Time Service. In January 2003, he transferred his commission to the
Australian Regular Army and was posted as the Logistic Operations Officer of A
Squadron, 5th Aviation Regiment in Townville.

In 2004, Major Christian was promoted to Captain and posted
as the Second-in-Command of Maritime Wing, Army Logistic Training Centre. In
2005, he was posted to Puckapunyal as the Officer Commanding 87th Transport
Troop, 26th Transport Squadron. During this two year period he spent more than
ten months deployed independently with his Troop, supporting ADF operations,
exercises and activities all over Australia. In 2007, Major Christian was
posted to Headquarters 1st Joint Movements Group and performed the duties of
Operation Catalyst Desk Officer and Staff Officer Grade Three in the Strategic
Lift Coordination Cell. From January – August 2008, Major Christian deployed on
active service to the Middle East Area of Operations as the Operations Officer
for the Joint Movement Coordination Centre. During this deployment he was
responsible for coordinating the provision of movement support across both the
Iraq and Afghanistan theatres, including the extraction of ADF forces from
Iraq. In 2009, Major Christian was posted to Headquarters 2nd Division as the
Divisional Safety Manager.

In January 2010, Major Christian was promoted to Major and
assumed the appointment of Officer Commanding 5th Brigade Operational Support
Company. In January 2011, he transferred back to the Army Reserve and was
posted to Headquarter 8th Brigade as Staff Officer Grade Two Logistics in the
Plans Cell. He was subsequently posted in 2012 to the University of New South
Wales Regiment as the Officer Commanding Administration Company. In January
2013, he assumed his current appointment as Officer Commanding 3rd Transport
Squadron. Since July 2012 he has also served as an Honorary Aide-de-Camp to Her
Excellency, the Governor of New South Wales.

In his civil employment, Major Christian works for Inchcape
Shipping Services, a UK-based maritime and logistic services provider, as a
business development manager in their Government Services division. He is
married to Evelyn, a Chartered Accountant, and they have one daughter, Eloise,
who was born in March 2012. His interests include personal fitness, computers
and military history.





WO2 Damien Lord, RACT

Squadron Sergeant Major ( SSM)





Banner Party - AWM 4 March 2011

Banner Party members CPL Wenham, PTE Farley, PTE Peltier and PTE Smith.


CPL Wenham - Awarded the Soldiers Medallion for Exemplary Service


Presented here by the HOC, BRIG David Mulhall AM


Brigadier Mulhall then presenting to Major Trevor Worland, OC 3 Transport Squadron,

A custom framed memorabilia of the “Plaque Dedication Ceremony” on the 6th March 2009.

The frame containes a photo of the “Plaque”, a copy of Brigadier David Saul’s speech, and four photos portraying the day.
The framed memorabilia was donated by this Association and the previous 3 Transport Historical Association.


3 Transport Coy RACT 90th Birthday Party.


It was
good to see that members of the Association, together with their wives/partners
supported the Unit’s 90th Birthday celebrations at the Bankstown RSL
on the 14th August 2004.  A good night was enjoyed by all with
photos from the past being projected onto a large screen. It certainly brought
back some fine memories of the past.




The Association donated prizes to be raffled on the night with the b-day2
first prize being won by Keith Bennett






During the night a number of presentations were made with the most notable being
the presentation of the “Battle Map “to the Unit by the Historical  Society.







The Association was honoured
to have both the Commanding Officer of 5CSSB, LTCOL Linda Reynolds and the O.C.
of 3 Transport Coy MAJ. Alison Booth join the association on the night.




Once again the association would like to pass on to the Unit our
congratulations for a night well done and for inviting our members to be part
of the celebrations.











                                   Par Oneri’ – Equal to the Task




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