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                                                 3 Coy Convoy Middle East WW11
These Commer Q4  3-Ton 4 x2 GS Trucks with 6th Division Australian markings ( Note Divisional Sign RH Fender)
carried essential Logistical war supplies from Palestine across the Sinai into Egypt then along the Coastal Road
during the campaigns and were vital to the success of the Allied North African campaigns.
        Dick Beal - John Murphy - Bob LeedowBOB                                                                                               
                            OR.s Mess                                                                      

                                        Sam and Bob


                      When and Where ?


Band            ROBERT-ARMY-1958
                                                                                                                          Bob Duggan - Kapooka 1958

If you are the first one who can name all 4 young members I will shout you a beer in Canberra on 4 March 2011
The person on the left is not eligible (sorry mate)
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No one guessed the names 


Going clockwise: Michael Vella, Nev Lloyd, Bob Lee, Geof Garth, John van Dam,Ted Joyclin, Dick Beal and Rohan McCardel

somewhere on the Heathcote road in about 1962. Photos from John Van Dam


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